Thank you all for your well wishes from the last sick post, I forgot last post, sorry and now we have been hit by yet another virus, I am sure the air filters at Dh’s work, where it is supposed to be a “clean room” are knacked.
He catches everything going at work, then is sick all weekend and contaminates the rest of us. I tried so hard not to catch it, extra vitamins, echinacea, willpower, all to no avail.
Jordan managed to get better to go in to sit his mock exams, though he did stress himself enough to have a few nosebleeds throughout the day, lovely.

So apart from the lying around I have managed a little knitting, I finished this,

to match these shoes.

You might remember that I went off to dye some roving, seen in this post and then spun it here, well it ended up like this.

These are a gift for someone who will appreciate their subtle colour.

I am having to re-do a couple of christmas presents as the lovely Royal Mail lost a parcel I posted in the new year. I posted the parcel from Scotland as I thought the problems of lost parcels might be La Postes fault but it seems not, all the parcels I posted from France arrived safe and sound, I still have some parcels outstanding from a UK company but that is another fight.
So the problem now is, do I re-do the same thing or do I do something different, I think I might need some Ravelry-ing for some inspiration.

I have also managed a little more on my Marie Antoinette socks but I really need to concentrate, which I was not really capable of for most of the week, I hope to get round to finishing up this one this week. I do need to cast on some mindless socks and I MUST finish the other halfs boring black jumper…..sometime soon.

I have some thank yous and photos to post for some mail I have received but I have to get it all together, so thats next.

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