B is for……..

bum, bottom, behind (you) and boobs!

I was very late with the letter A and as this month has been panto all the way, B just had to be this.
Jordan was a great sport with his costume and discovered that having a huge bum and boobs, really got in the way.
Though did make a comfy seat when relaxing between scenes!

The panto was fabulous, everyone worked so hard and the kids had a fabulous time, after they had overcome the nerves.

So after all the panto nonsense, sewing bizarre things, I managed a little knitting and finished these delicato mittens from Knitspot.

and this, and am never, never knitting another shawl in black mohair, yuk, it wasn’t for me or I would have never finished it!

I started these Marie Antoinette socks, which I think are soo soo pretty and of course will be mine…..

I got this months fibre from Amy and ordered a little more as I love the colour.

This little skein of handspun is for a swap organised with the french spinning forum, I am very worried as my swap partner is an expert spinner, I hope she likes it, I knitted my first washcloth and sent some soap from here and of course chocolate to make up for the beginner spinning.

For some reason I can’t add any links, either blogger is playing up or someone has kindly updated something on my computer, I do love it when the tech guy thinks he is doing me a favour….sheesh! Ooops, all fixed, sorry dear it was blogger not you…

Now here is a worrying thing, after the panto one day someone asked me if I had made Jordans costumes and would I be interested in doing a dress for her mother, now looking at these costumes, do you think it shows my work off to its best?
Or do you think she wants her mum to look like a Pantomime Dame????

Off to do some clearing up and organising, my house looks like you could stir it with a stick and I have 12 people coming for dinner tomorrow.
Have a fun weekend, happy knitting……

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