I have absolutely no plans for the weekend, two of my guys left for Scotland at very early dark this morning, one left for school at 7.20am and the other has just finished all his homework and walked the dog, the shopping is done and put away. The house is clean and tidy, thanks to yesterdays coffee afternoon and the fact there was people I don’t know very well visiting my normally very untidy house. (we like that lived-in look!)

So whats it to be, spinning, knitting, sewing, choices, choices.
I have 2 lots of fabric for 2 coats and this, I want to knit this and this, Jake wants me to knit one of these and I have nothing on my wheel, hmmm.
More tea and cookies will help with the decision making and I will leave you with wool pics.

Have a great weekend…tchao
P.S we raised 160 euro, that’s about £110, not too bad for a few gallons of tea….

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