At last!

There has been a little lack of blog posts recently mainly due to too much other stuff going on in the house and my time not being my own. Also computer access being a little limited as someone is working nights…not me!

So knitting, there are way too many odd socks hanging around, so I am determined to get round to making some pairs in the next few weeks, I also need to finish up some baby things for Jim to drop off in Scotland for his brothers baby. The crossover cardi still needs a button and some ribbon and the blue stripy is still stalled on the back.
A little organisation is needed so I need to finish up the white crossover cardi about a 10 minute job.
A few hours to finish up the stripy jumper, then I need to start on all the socks that are lying around, here.

There are a few more that don’t have pictures, just in case you thought I was worried about having 2 unfinished pairs!!

I have started another stripy shawl this time in some Natural Dye Studio mohair, its a little slidy on the needles but a cute distraction from socks!

I also finished up this hat, which is a little on the big side, I might see if it will felt a bit. I am also going to knit another one as it was pretty popular around here.

My other finished item is the blue/green silk cardi, no pictures though, I will try to get some this week, maybe tomorrow at knitting.

The weather here is pretty autumnal in the morning but then we have some days where it warms up nicely, I have no idea what this tree is but it turning a lovely yellow colour, its that time of year when I never know what to wear, it just means you always need to have a cardi…..

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